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2D Barcoded Cryotubes from Ziath

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Cryogenic storage vials are central to biological sample management, enabling researchers to retain numerous organic specimens at ultra-cool temperatures. Scientists around the globe have been using high-performance cryotubes for decades. In fact, they have been crucial in enabling the enormous capacity for storing irreplaceable samples that all biobanks enjoy today. Although evidently representing extreme value, the ability to store hundreds, thousands or even millions of biological specimens represents a challenge from an information management perspective.

2D barcoded cryotubes are essential accessories for small, medium, and large-scale enterprises alike. With a unique two-dimensional datamatrix barcode inserted into the base of each individual vial, 2D barcoded cryotubes enable easy acquisition and identification of biological assets in the lab.

At Ziath, we have designed a range of reliable 2D barcoded cryotubes for the storage of biological samples at temperatures at minus 80 degrees and liquid nitrogen.  Regardless of the scale of your operations, our 2D barcoded cryotubes are engineered to make your sample management workflow more intuitive, reliable, and scalable.

2D Barcoded Cryotubes: Key Features

Our line of CryzoTraqTM 2D barcoded cryotubes is manufactured from medical-grade PP (polypropylene) in a Class 7 cleanroom.  Each batch is beta radiation sterilised by an electron beam, eliminating potential biological contaminants from the product preparation workflow and subsequently guaranteeing that all our 2D barcoded cryotubes are free from DNase, RNase, and other unwanted substances. 


Featuring a proprietary 2-stage injection moulded cap that eschews traditional sealing solutions (i.e., O-rings), our 2D barcoded cryotubes are guaranteed leak-free. This advanced sealing solution simultaneously prevents contamination/loss of samples under storage conditions, even in liquid nitrogen storage systems. We offer CryzoTraqTM ­storage vials with both external and internally threaded caps, ensuring compatibility with your systems.

Automatic Barcoding

Our tubes have a linear barcode on the side of the tube and an identical 2D barcode on the base of the tube with one generated from the other.  This eliminates errors associated with incorrect labelling and ensuring optimal sample management at all times.

Looking for 2D Barcoded Cryotubes?

CryzoTraqTM 2D barcoded cryotubes are made available in 2ml and 5ml standard size formats which means they are suitable for use with most cryo-racking systems. If you have specific storage requirements and would like to speak with a product representative about the specifications of our 2D barcoded cryotubes, why not contact a member of the Ziath team today?

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