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Biobanking: What to Look for When Choosing a Sample Management System?

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Biobanking is a critical factor in both genomic and personalized research, providing cross-purpose access to extremely large datasets—which evidently requires a robust sample management system. Sometimes referred to as a laboratory information management system (LIMS), biobank sample management software is essential in ensuring samples are efficiently controlled and information is managed accurately. But there are now myriad systems available for biological sample management. So, what features should you look for when choosing a sample management system for your biobank operations?

Ease-of-Data Input

The first key parameter you should look for in a biological sample management system is ease-of-usability and effective data inputting according to your specific laboratory set-up. Ease-of-data input is not a universal quality; it depends on whether you elect for manual sample data entry, individual sample entry, importation of historical records, and so on. You should choose a biobank information management system with an intuitive user interface which accurately and quickly renders current and legacy data in a compatible format.

Ability to Create Custom Descriptors

High flexibility of data input is no less important than ease of data entry, as the ability to fully customize sample types and tracking tags can help you create a fully searchable database using a wide variety of descriptor formats. The best biobank sample management systems will empower users to associate various data formats (dates, free text, safety documents, regulatory datasheets, etc.) with their samples

Customization of Containers

As with the ability to customize descriptors, it is critical that your biological sample management system allows you to define the shape and size of your containers so that you can tailor your database for unique laboratory set-ups.

Powerful Multi-Parameter Searching

Naturally, it is also essential that your sample management system enables you to easily search the biobank database. With a range of custom sample type entries and tracking tags, multi-parameter searching is critical in locating specific samples by date record, keyword, location, and so on. Some biobank management systems will allow you to switch between different views (e.g., container layout vs. list view) and to save regular searches for ease of accessibility and future use.

Ziath’s Sample Management System

At Ziath, we have developed Samples; an intuitive sample management system optimised for modern research needs. This powerful tool is designed to assist with inventory management and to streamline key storage workflows. You can rapidly scan in samples using an unlimited number of tags and six fully editable levels of container storage locations. Samples was built for fully tailored laboratory set-ups, and we can easily add custom features upon request, ensuring that you can easily keep track of your samples without ever losing data. Our solutions are built to resolve critical pain points associated with biobanking software and to futureproof your sample handling operations.

Refer to our Samples datasheet for more information. Or contact a member of the Ziath team today if you would like to discuss bespoke sample management requirements.

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