About Us

Ziath is now part of Azenta Life Sciences Inc, a USA-based provider of end-to-end solutions for developments in human health from initial sample collection, sample management, biobanking, generic analysis and therapeutic development.

Founded in 2005, Ziath is proud to serve customers across the world. Ziath specialises in instrumentation and software in both the academic and the pharmaceutical/biotech industry sectors with a focus on the application of laboratory automation. In particular, we focus on managing large sample libraries (compound management, biobanking and sample management) using 2D datamatrix tubes.

The Products

Ziath has a range of products split into four main categories of 2D barcode scanners, devices for handling tubes, 2D barcoded tubes and sample management software. See below for a link for our brochure to see our product range.

The People

Neil Benn - Managing Director

Neil is co-founder and Managing Director of Ziath.  Since 1994, Neil has experience with a range of companies; GlaxoSmithKline; Cambridge Antibody Technology, Cenix Bioscience GmbH and the Max Planck Institute of Cell Biology and Genomics. Within these companies Neil has been responsible for the development, maintenance and implementation of laboratory automation and associated software with a focus on process control and information management.

Neil has served on the board of the European Laboratory Robotics Interest Group (ELRIG) in both Germany and the UK. He was the informatics chair for Lab Automation 2009, has edited for the Journal for the Association for Laboratory Automation and also serves on the board of The Journal for Laboratory Automation. Neil has a Bachelor’s degree in Biotechnology and a Master’s degree in Computer Science.


Steve Knight - Director of European Marketing

Steve holds a Bachelor’s degree in Biochemistry from the University of Aston In Birmingham and a Masters degree in Marketing from Greenwich University Business School. He has 30+ years’ experience in sales and marketing of scientific instruments and consumables with extensive international marketing experience.

He has held senior marketing and commercial positions with Packard Bioscience, Genevac, Porvair Sciences and Arcam. Steve is a full member of the Chartered Institute of Marketing, holds that institute’s Diploma in Marketing and is a Registered Marketer. Steve has done business in more than 65 countries and been responsible for several R&D projects leading to multi-million dollar turnover product ranges including spectrophotometers, evaporators and microplate designs.