DataPaq™ Express-NMR Rack Reader

NMR is now an established and vital part of determining the structure of novel compounds in both Pharma and Agri-bio. The task of keeping track of large numbers of similar-looking NMR tubes is now easier as manufacturers now produce NMR tubes with 2D barcodes on their caps, allowing easy identification and tracking of individual tubes. However, due to the barcodes being placed on the top of the tubes, these can be difficult to read with a conventional scanner designed to read from underneath.

To overcome this Ziath have a solution that puts the Datapaq Express scanner on top of the tubes without applying any weight, which could damage them. It also provides a dedicated slide for Bruker tube carriers which can only be inserted in one orientation – conserving the A1 position each time. Ziath software has templates for most types of NMR tube and can switch easily between. The Express-NMR is compatible with Datapaq 3.17 or the newer web-based DP5 control software. The Express controller is conveniently separated so can be hidden away under bench without taking up valuable space.

Key features

  • Industry-leading fast scan decode time for a full rack of under 3 seconds
  • Fast camera-based scanner
  • Can be integrated with large robotic systems
  • Available with either USB or RJ45 connector
  • Capable of scanning all 2D-barcoded NMR tube caps
  • Patented technology allows imaging under difficult lighting conditions
  • DP5 or Datapaq software with free lifetime upgrades
  • Easy to set-up and easy to use

Easy to Set-Up and Easy to Use

Full data processing options including export of the tube barcodes in tables or as Text/.CSV, Image, XML, XLS and in JSON formats is supported in the easy-to-use Datapaq or DP5 software supplied with the instrument. Using the smallest footprint 2D barcode rack scanner on the market enabled the unique design of the Ziath Express NMR tube reader. The DataPaq™ Express 2D scanner offers easy, out-of-the-box set up and is delivered pre-calibrated and ready to scan. This instrument can scan all 2D-barcoded NMR tubes including Bruker TM and Norell TM and is supplied with a handy slide- out tray designed to hold Bruker tube racks in the correct orientation and in the correct position for successful barcode scanning.

DataPaq software is ten years in development and is not only an amazing barcode reading tool but also intuitively easy to use

DataPaq™ 3.17

The DataPaq™ software is designed and written in-house at Ziath. Decoding 2D barcodes is achieved using our own algorithm which we specifically developed for ‘tube sized’ codes. DataPaq™ displays the results of the scan and can identify the difference between a correctly scanned tube (green), a damaged tube (red) and missing tube (grey). Also, any tube image can be clicked on and the individual scan is shown (on the right hand side) with the tube location and barcode.


Express NMR Order Details

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ZTS-EXP-NMR DataPaq™ Express-NMR Tube Rack Scanner 1

DataPaq™ Express-NMR Rack Scanner

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