Novel 2D barcode scanner technology from Ziath

DP5 is the latest version of Ziath's market leading 2D rack decoding software. Using the latest technologies DP5 can be run from a laptop, desktop, phone, tablet or any other network connected device. The same robustness, reliability and speed are there but now you can work unchained from your lab bench.

Using high-speed, web-based, communications protocols allows DP5 to run just one scanner in your lab, or multiple scanners connected over a local area network. In the advanced DP5 Network application, scanners can be controlled directly from Wi-Fi connected smart phones, tablets or laptops. Ziath’s new DP5 Secure application offers data encryption and multi-level user authority management as part of the package. Also included along with a full audit trail is the revolutionary ScanStore feature in which every scan is stored with both image and tabular data for later review or audit.

DP5 comes in two versions according to your requirements:

DP5 Standard Barcode Scanner from Ziath

DP5 Standard

DP5 Standard simplifies day-to-day scanner operation through an intuitive and uncluttered user interface that is ready to go in just minutes, straight out of the box.

  • Runs like any other desktop application from a connected PC or laptop
  • Autoscaling allows DP5 Standard to work with the latest 4K displays
  • Runs all Ziath Datapaq camera based scanners: Mirage, Cube & Express
  • Export data directly to a database, text, PDF, XML, JSON or Excel.
  • Remote control function allows direct integration with popular liquid handling robots, compound stores and other external compatible devices
  • Scanner and export settings can be assigned individually for each type of rack in use
  • Automatic rack type detection and rack template creation as standard
DP5 Network Barcode Scanner from Ziath

DP5 Network

DP5 Network unchains you from the bench, allowing a scanner to operate anywhere on your LAN from your own tablet or phone, even right alongside your freezers.

  • Advanced operation via a LAN allows scanners to be controlled directly from a Wi-Fi connected phone, tablet, desktop PC or laptop.
  • Control multiple scanners on one server from one hand-held device, laptop, tablet or desktop computer.
  • Scripting feature allows high level of post-run data processing automation – send files to LIMS, e-mail, Excel or any other compatible program
  • Take a scanner anywhere on site, run a scan on a hand-held device and send that file back to any computer in a variety of formats