Sample Management in Compound Management

At Ziath we know that an academic and research lab without a sample management system in place can be a chaotic environment. New technologies in research have led to dramatic increases of experimental throughput as well as much more collaboration between different labs. Yet, often labs still leave the responsibility of biorepository documentation and information management to individual lab members, with no cohesive system in place. In modern cases of large throughput or collaborative labs, the traditional approaches of using spreadsheets and notebooks are not suitable for recording and tracking the circulation of sample data.

We are also aware that research work is tedious and error-prone being dynamic and in constant flux. Groups expand and combine, projects are revised and repurposed, which only increases the importance of effective sample management. Often the inheritors of a project will have to duplicate samples or remake reagents unnecessarily. Useful samples will be discarded because of ambiguous IDs or illegible labeling. Sample databases can be incomplete or non-existent.

At Ziath we develop innovative solutions to these common storage problems. For example, our DataPaqTM Rack Readers work in conjunction with 2D barcoded (datamatrix) tubes that are now widely used in compound management. The Rack Readers are capable of scanning and decoding multiple racks of sample tubes in seconds, which then builds up a robust database of sample information. Known for being user-friendly, Ziath’s Samples software allows intuitive management of the data generated by the 2D barcode readers.

A real strength of Ziath’s product range is their suitability for an array of research applications. From a single tube to multiple racks, all samples can be processed in a fraction of the time that traditional approaches would take, and with greater accuracy. And our customer-centric approach ensures that any support you need, or enquiries you have, will be our top priority.

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