Getting the Most From 2D Barcoded Tubes eBook

Download your free eBook and learn how to get the most from using 2D bar coded tubes to store, track, retrieve and transfer samples in compound management and biobanking

The 2D bar-coded tube is now a popular lab consumable for compound and tissue storage. High speed bar code readers make it even easier to work with these tubes in SBS-format racks and cryoboxes, but how can you improve the efficiency of your workflow and avoid costly errors?

An informative and unbiased guide is now available that addresses key topics including:

  • Common 2D barcode scanning problems (and how to prevent them)
  • Poor barcode contrast
  • Barcodes covered in ice
  • Wrong barcode type
  • Barcode printed too close to tube edge
  • Push caps or screw caps? Five things to consider
  • Five ways Samples™ software helps you to avoid sample data storage problems
  • How to get the best out of your scanner

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